Adept Chambers

This very special portal is reserved for Adepts and Qualifying Elders ONLY!

WHAT QUALIFIES ONE AS BEING ADEPT AND OR A QUALIFYING ELDER? [For the purposes of this sight as a condition that MUST be fulfilled before a right may be conferred, bestowed or acquired, as an official requirement of being accepted into the honored fold of Recognized Adepts and/or Qualifying Elders utilizing this Moorish Resource?]

First and only after you have been either invited into the Adept Chamber by another Recognized Adept Member or Qualifying Elder, or be a recipient of a Written Invitation from The Chamber’s Council of Adept Elders. Next, and in addition to the previous qualifier, you “MUST” be FAR BEYOND simply skilled and/or proficient at or in your particular craft or chosen discipline of Moorish Studies in addition to being Recognized by other Adapts and Learned Community Leaders to be a Highly Skilled Teacher, Moorish Community Activist, Spiritual Leader and/or Expert in one or more peculiarly Moorish Crafts, Arts or Sciences (LAW, Astrology, History, Etymology, Agriculture, Orthodox Moorish Philosophies etc.)

If you do not qualify as either or Recognized Adept or Qualified Elder, we respectfully ask that you please depart this area now.

No 2 Correctly Shaded Line

Honored Adepts and Qualifying Elders,

We first would like to take this opportunity to thank you for for visiting “YOUR” resource.

We sincerely appreciate and are most honored by your interest in and further wish to thank you for considering this site as a vehicle of expanding your activities as a valued member of our Family’s Community. Your presence will serve to ensure that this mechanism becomes the very best and most functionally beneficial NEW website for All Indigenous and Aboriginal Moorish Americans.

With (a subsidiary of being so very new, we’re certain you will understand that by the pure nature of its newness, we expect there will be a few issues (technical and otherwise) which will no doubly require our focused attention to correct and optimize as rapidly as possible.

Respectfully we ask that you please do feel free to inform us (via of any matters, suggestions or improvements you would like to see implemented to further ensure becomes the absolute best and most beneficial resource of its kind in servicing our Indigenous and Aboriginal Moorish American community.

Warmest regards,

We are currently in the process of completing the development of your Privileged Private Resources. In the meantime, we cordially invite you to take a moment visiting other areas of and feel free to interface with other Active Moors.