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    When Moor have proclaimed their Nationalities, order what is the next thing Moors should do n order to keep the momentum going?



    <font color=”#ff0000″>Send Proclamations off to the 7 Locations around the world to put them on notice. After that, page it’s all about learning how to contract in commerce and then we must take our places among the affairs of man! Make sure you obtain an Allodial ID from the Nation.</font>


    Kudjo Adwo El

    Studying is the most essential thing to do after proclaiming due to our mental slavery.. cards papers cant do anything for you if you have the mind of a negro…


    Sharon Gale Bey

    Studying law, price history I would say is the second. There is so much we don’t know. I proclaimed several months ago and am in deep analysis of history and law. Some do the name corrections. I have written a couple writs to clear up some matters and it is really working.



    what are the 7 locations better yet where do I find that information?



    @Sharon Gale
    Peace sister,

    So what was your process to Nationalize if you dont mind sharing you could email me @


    Mayloemrojo El Bey

    I am surprised no one answered one of the Moor’s question: “How does one go about declaring and/or proclaiming his/her nationality?” The same question from 2 Moors over a year ago.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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