What is the process. …….to proclaiming your nationality?

ENTER FORUMS Nationality and Birthright Class What is the process. …….to proclaiming your nationality?

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    Al Ware-Bey

    Islam brother Esdot, search the process has already begun within you. It’s your consciousness that first frees you. The rest (being yourself) is a leaning process that begins with the knowledge of what the Christian black codes (negros, black,Afro-American) mean in law. Then you’ll understand (overstand) what Noble Drew Ali did for us, (proclaiming our nationality) by taking us out of the legally dead state as Christian chattel.
    Being indigenous to this continent, and connecting ourselves back to the organic land, we are no longer wards of the states that we domicile in.
    The proclamation papers can be found on the website, and the knowledge of self and the courage to be active,takes study and wisdom,as to not become discouraged WHEN you get retaliation, and resistance from the very ones whom are bound by law to protect your rights.
    I’ve been exposed to this information since 2015, and I feel new to the process. We need to uplift each other no matter how long or how much information we may have.

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