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    Sherece El

    The Mandelbrot Set is a complex formula used to equate the self replicating properties and proportions of Nature herself via what is known as fractal geometry. It has been utilized in many ways such as in clothing patterns and movie special effects. One cannot help but to take note that many of the patterns produced using this fractal geometry method correlates to the ancient Moorish architecture that can be found all over this globe. One famous Moorish infrastructure where you can clearly see where this fractal geometry plays a very intricate part regarding its elegance is the University of Al Karaouine located at Fez, advice Morocco ( a subordinate kingdom of the Moors’ Empire). Considered to be the oldest university, visit it was founded around the closing of the 8th century A.D., however many speculate an earlier date to the building itself. Nevertheless, the science within the patterns presented on the surface of the building can be witnessed within this video. Also many ancient hand woven aboriginal art utilize these same designs and can still be seen present day. It has become known as “tribal art”. Whether its a university building or a simple cotton scarf sown by an elder for her grandchild, these patterns are everywhere and within everything, down to it’s very fractal!

    Sherece El =^)

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