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Interacting with Policy Enforcers

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    Niyshia Bey

    Notes taken on Policy Enforcer Protocol from:

    Do not answer any questions 5th and 6th amendment rights.
    Do you know why I pulled you over? If you say anything ask then Who are you?

    Policy Enforcer Protocol
    Always Stay Calm – Your reality you are never in danger. Do not operate in fear.
    Call 911 before you are pulled over to stop – My title is _____ Bey I am a Moorish American traveling and some unidentified individual is waving me over I am scared and I need you to stay on the phone with me (911). I think they have a gun and I am not armed. I don’t have any gun or weapon to protect myself. I am in such and such place (state your location). I have no idea who this person is I don’t recognize this person behind me and I am in fear of my life, information pills people who look like me are being killed.
    Ask the policy enforcer(s): Are you threatening me? Do we have a contract?

    Decide how far to let window down.

    When they come to your window, information pills let them know you have 911 on the phone. Ask that they identify themselves: I’ll need 3 forms ID — pause then say I am really really afraid please don’t hang up
    Background with 911 to see who is in the area pulling people over when it goes off they may step away to confirm they are the one pulling you over. 911 will hang up once the agent is identified
    Call a Moor in the area – Now you have this individual on the phone do, order ask again for 3 forms of ID. I wasn’t driving. I am not conducting commerce. I am navigating travelling my ancestral estate. Do you know the difference? Ask for the Captain. Supervisor or MOD may be call out in lieu of the Captain. Ask, Who are you? Correct them: I wasn’t driving. Did I break a law? Then I must be free to go.
    They may say: Give us your ID or we will yank you out this car. Acquiesce because you have everything needed on public record for a suit (by keeping 911 on the phone).

    I was calm, nonviolent, I wasn’t aggressive, I didn’t have any weapons, I wasn’t driving, I am a Moorish American, I didn’t recognize their authority.

    Hold on I am going to get out because it looks like you are going to cause me bodily harm. I don’t want to escalate the situation.

    Sign Everything All Rights Reserved no need to sign anything else.

    Key Phrases Policy Enforcers use when they are going to harm and/or shoot you
    * Looks like he is reaching for a gun.
    * Get your hands out your pocket.
    * Stop being aggressive

    They may accept your Nationality card and let you go or not, so you may go downtown,but will end up getting cleared up because you now have opened them up to a potential suit. You will be released, court date charges will be dropped. This is not a State Issue ID you have to come in to identify you.
    Key is to get home safe never get into an altercation. Sue them after this incident.

    Everyone’s experience may vary but sticking to the protocol ensures you have a public record of what actually occurred by dialing 911 (calls are recorded and can be subpoenaed for potential suits).

    Share your Policy Enforcer Encounters here!

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