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    Do we as Moors have to have or utilize a religion as it states that on the Nationality Card that we are Moslem to be noticed by the Nations.

    • I don’t understand your question can you rephrase it please?

    • Is religion necessarily the grounds that makes us Moors?
      One brother said, “the only way to be recognized as Moor is through religion.”

      • Religion is specifically protected under the Constitution, therefore is valid whether we’re moors or not. In answer to your question no, being moslem, doesn’t determine nationality. How could it? Would it not infringe upon the other nations right to claim their nationality, removing them from their culture, because they are Moslem.

        • Thanks for clearing this up.

        • Religion (etymology) is ‘to bind’ your binding yourself back to your ancient Foremothers and Forefathers. Back to the constitutional fold of man and government principles.

          • Check out the religious controversy, astrology/cosmology pages on and refer to the 101 questions
            Peace and Love!

    • My answer to your question would be no our religion doesn’t make us Moors, It’s our culture, our roots, our heritage. Religion is simply a faith however being a Moor is more than that. It’s who we are as people not what we tend to believe in as PEOPLE.