• Mayloemrojo El Bey posted an update 1 week, 6 days ago

    As of today, I have sent a friend request to each of the 462 members on this site. Please don’t let this be like the Facebook where only marketing activity takes place, where members talk only about their personal day-to-day activities that is really no one else’s business, and where members try to gain notoriety, etc. We are called to a higher standard. Let’s live up to it. I have so much love and respect for our people, our ancestors, and our progenitors. I am retired for the most part but feel I have a lot of work to do before I take my last breath in this current existence. I am new in reclaiming my nationality but have been around the block and back. Much love goes out to Bro. Jonathan Bey, Rvbeypublications, Bro. Tarik Bey, Bro. Toriano and his site, Dr. Asaru Alim Bey, the Moorish Science Temple, United Washitaw de Dugdahmoudyah Mu’ur Nation, Dr. Ali, and so many others of whom I an unaware who are working tirelessly to spread the word, spread the truth of history, restore healing to our people, and basically uplift fallen humanity. You are true Kings and Queens! Ashe