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    I was in such a relationship. I felt lime I had out grown my partener. Seperation was my solution. When the vibrational energies are of different levels of frequencies that make for more friction(of the opposite kind) a change of the whole situation has too occur. The universal energy(ies) push forward for change. A hard thing when your not grounded with your “I AM” competely. Trust in self competely(I AM)
    ask your truth of self to be reveied to your mate. Energy(ies) are constant. There is no gap in energy. So ask & RECEIVE what you ask for.

    • Yes indeed .. I am in the process of connecting with my I AM through the studies of astro-logics .. There are some that makes the separation process so difficult .. they turn to the ways of emotional blackmail making a person feel like they are obligated to be with them because of years put in or even making them feel like they don’t have the best of the children due to wanting to separate …

      • But you have to think & remember. We were conscious energy first. This is just the manifesting of the desires of the ALL that is ALL to has self expression & self fullfillment. We are but the vessels(vechicles) of movement of that conscious energy. Not to get things out of order. When we get caught up in the little ishes & schimes of physical (matter) conscious energy vibrating @ a very, very, very slow rate the experiences seem real(ity). Non-physical beings playing in a matter(physical) reality.
        AN AWESOME EXPERIENCE! Embrace the truth.
        Just true food for thought!