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    Islam Family; I just want to share a few thoughts on ‘Spiritual Enlightenment’ & Nationtionality.
    :Spiritual Enlightenment;Is learning ur own self truth. The all that you actually are. When you start learning of self those lessons are propetuated by you lower & higher self to assist the physical vessel to mentally grow.
    The physical has grown fast(outwardly/visibly.
    However actual maturity is consistant of a total growth of the earthen vessels.
    Mental/Spirit/Body; so if one conponent of maturity is laging. The total vessel(body/person) is not fully mature. However; this growth of universal clarity of self does not always show itself in an adult size vessel(s). A tremendious amount of power can be found harnessed in smaller vessels(bodies), such as children. Then coming forward; Every Nation of beings here of GAYA has their own Nationality. That automatic places them and ties them by bloodlibe to a land mass(physically attached). So it is COSMIICALLY impossible for u to be to Nationalities at once. Since the MOTHER carries,creates the Nations.
    Our Sister-Queens are our furture, OUR Brother-Kings are the protection of the Nation. We have to help each other to rise. So ALL can become straight, knowledge of themselves, aware of (completeness): “I AM”.