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WHEN: Every Saturday Morning, from 11:00am to 1:00pm EST.
WHERE: LIVE via Our Own Moorish Encrypted Technology “PowWow” NOT ZOOM!
WHO:  All members, as well as ALL other industrious Moors are welcome
to hook-up through PowWow, building momentum within the ongoing Moorish Unification Initiative’s


Everyone is welcome and very much encouraged to bring their creative
and productive suggestions and ideas to help effectuate, build and increase
awareness through participating within the Community.


No Meeting ID Required
NOTE: We ask that cameras are on upon joining the meeting.
If you are Already a member.  Feel free to scroll on down to the bottom to login. See you on the inside!

Welcome To

As with any good thing of true valuable, it always takes a reasonable amount of time, hard work, and the positive energy required, to get everything up and running smooth like clockwork.  So, as our Industrious and VERY MUCH APPRECIATED Volentere Staff go about their busy days and nights, working hard in the background continuing the process of connecting all of ‘YOUR’ online community’s environmental functionality mechanisms, (which will hopefully make your experiences here as fruitfully enjoyable as possible) we ask that you do feel free to let us know if there are any further funtionality gadgets that you’d like to see implemented on ‘YOUR’ site to make your valuable time spent within ‘YOUR OWN’ Moorish Online Community even more worthwhile.

To provide ‘YOUR’ Moorish Community the Safest, Most  Enjoyable and Productive Online Social Experience possible, we ask that you please always remain mindful to conduct yourself in an honorable manner.

PLEASE NOTE: We are beginning the process of “DELETING ALL” Members who do NOT have Profile Images! 

To learn how to Upload Your Profile Images,  Click this link to view the “How To” PDF on Uploading Your Image.

Please remain mindful to always respecting one another within ‘YOUR” Moorish American Community’s Premier Online Social Network, as you yourself would wish to be respected. is “YOUR” FREE Moorish Online Social Networking Resource dedicated to  LOVE, TRUTH, PEACE, FREEDOM AND JUSTICE.
Posting your Profile Images helps our staff quickly locate and remove unwanted


So, please help us, by doing your part, by simply posting your unique Profile Images as soon as possible after joining ‘YOUR’ Moorish Online Community’s 100% Moorish Owned and Opperated Social Networking Platform,

After Establishing Your Free Membership,

if however you’re not all to certain How To Go About Posting Your Profile Image PLEASE CLICK HERE!


Join ‘YOUR’ Active Moorish Community.


Locating Other Moors In Your Local Area

57 Group Areas and their respective Forums have been created in which all Moors may now locate their respective territories, wherein they will fine other Nobles from their local geographical areas in which to build, study, and respectfully interact with on any subjects of interest in that these areas are not restricted in any manner to only Moorish Affairs.

Because the creation of these Territory Groups are so VERY NEW, you may find (for a moment) yourself to be the FIRST and/or ONLY Moor to have entered the area. But don’t let that bother you. Others will soon be showing up to introduce themselves to you as you all begin the process of Nation Building within your own Rich and Safe Moorish Social Network Environment.

Job Search Area

Now Being Established


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To find out more about ActiveMoors, as well as how to do such things as  Uploading Your Profile Images or making changes to your Profile’s Background: CLICK HERE.

For information regarding the purpose and administration of this site:   CLICK HERE 

Please do feel free to download and freely pass along to others the following Moorish Musical EPSA (Educational Public Service Announcement)


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